Teddy’s career

Teddy wanted to be a pilot
But in planes he was sick a lot
Especially after Apple Charlotte
So he decided it was not
A good career path.

Instead he would be a crooner
Then all the koalas would swoon a
Lot and throw their bloomers
And he would get to sing a tune a
Bit like Kiri Te Kanawa.

Teddy’s flat

Teddy’ s flat was in Camberwell
Next to the tube, past the dry cleaners, very near Eel’s.
They passed each other most mornings
But Teddy did not wave
To avoid hurting Eel’s feelings.

Teddy’s poem

‘Dartford bridge sprawls as roadkill
The sky belches black snow that tars and fills
The road that once flowed, now that stops still.

The glacial lanes tumble untethered
Cherubic curls of warm butter they slither
The toasted Thames flatbread dry river.’

Teddy wrote this while thinking about Trevor
MacDonald and Dartford. She had never
Forgotten the time when they went to Boots together.